Blessings of an unconventional Thanksgiving 2020

November 20, 2020

We hope to give thanks safely, however we can, wherever feels right, with whomever we choose to appreciate our blessings…

The morning joy of an orange sky or a butterfly close by and unafraid;

Facetime with a grandchild, a message from a thoughtful neighbor, a chance to write a letter too long postponed; 

Quiet time by the ocean, with a friend, or in prayer;

An afternoon to watch a movie, cheer for the team, play Scrabble or Beethoven;

Receiving a-just-thinking-of-you card or call from a long-ago soul mate;

Remembering the dedicated nurses, vets, firemen and police officers; 

The smells of a shared meal, no matter the menu, in spite of a mask;

The unexpected presence of a spirit who has passed but is ever so missed;

A cup of tea that eases the telling of a tale that needs to be told; 

An evening to laugh with Carol Burnett, to gripe with Archie Bunker, or to dance with Lawrence Welk, or perhaps TikTok;

Cherished memories accompanied by favorite tunes; 

A couch-cuddle with comforting arms, or paws, maybe both;

And hopefully, as sun welcomes moon, 2020’s unconventional Thanksgiving will have reminded us of our blessings. 

Kathleen McGlade
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