Brasil Guitar Duo entertains Beacon Middle band

Grammy-winning artists serenade students
October 31, 2019

Beacon Middle band students enjoyed the classical sounds of Brasil Guitar Duo when the Grammy-winning international artists visited the school Oct. 18.

Guitarists João Luiz and Douglas Lora told students they met 22 years ago at college in São Paulo, Brazil.

“We had to play guitar together in class,” Luiz said. “Our teacher noticed we got along musically and had great chemistry. He told us we should perform together.”

Lora told students they play traditional Brazilian music and music from all over the world, all instrumental. “I sing in the shower but not on stage,” he laughed.

Lora said he started playing guitar when he was 7, after listening to his mother play by ear. “She taught me my first chords, and I wanted to learn more,” he said.

Luiz said he began studying music at age 10 and started playing guitar at 13. 

“No one in my family is a musician, but we’re very good listeners,” he said. “We appreciate good music; music was always played in our house. I’ve been hearing guitar sounds since I was 4. The guitar is a prominent instrument in Brazilian music.”

Luiz said for the past 12 years, the group has played internationally, including at many schools in the United States.

“We breathe culture into our music,” he said. “It’s important to connect with young audiences, especially musicians.”

Brasil Guitar Duo’s music can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.

As part of its educational outreach program, Lewes-based Coastal Concerts coordinated the performers’ school visit.

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