Broadkill Breeze runners host Seashore Striders

Young runners chase fast times in Milton
October 6, 2020

Youth cross country made its long-awaited return to the Cape Region Oct. 2, when the newly formed Broadkill Breeze club hosted members of the Seashore Striders for a 3K race just outside Milton. A total of 24 middle and elementary school runners toed the line, with Striders eighth-grader Stephen Hart winning the boys’ race in 12:44 and his seventh-grade teammate Lily Noonan taking the girls’ race in an identical time.

The meet was held on a winding, woodsy course built by Breeze seventh-grader Brooke Terhune on her family’s farm. After measuring and marking the course with the help of Breeze coach Kenny Riedel, Terhune spent five hours using a tractor to clear away sticks and debris.

Riedel, coach of Mariner Middle School’s cross country teams since their inception in 2013, founded the Breeze in August after middle school sports were suspended indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. He initially hoped to run practices and meets at the Virden Center in Lewes, but was denied access by University Of Delaware authorities. That’s when Terhune came to the rescue, suggesting that a course be built on her family’s farm. Terhune’s grandfather, local businessman Lynn Rogers, and her mother, Amber Peck, graciously agreed to allow the Breeze to train and race on the picturesque property free of charge, and the 10-member club held its first practice Sept. 7.



1. Stephen Hart, Seashore Striders, 12:44

2. Riley Stazzone, Seashore Striders, 12:50

3. Brady Sherman, Seashore Striders, 13:03

4. Brayden Redd, Broadkill Breeze, 13:10

5. Jack Louden, Seashore Striders, 14:00

6. Nolan Furlong, Seashore Striders, 14:00

7. Kai Mundok, Seashore Striders, 14:09

8. Jude Peacock, Seashore Striders, 14:34

9. Aidan Hudson, Broadkill Breeze, 15:17

10. Eli Oliver, Broadkill Breeze, 15:35

11. Clay Wakefield, Broadkill Breeze, 15:35

12. Logan Felker, Broadkill Breeze, 15:57


1. Lily Noonan, Seashore Striders, 12:44

2. Erin Noonan, Seashore Striders, 14:03

3. Bree Terhune, Broadkill Breeze, 14:11

4. Allison Ortiz, Seashore Striders, 14:24

5. Liza Williams, Seashore Striders, 14:34

6. Maya Yngve, Broadkill Breeze, 14:46

7. Claudia Stazzone, Seashore Striders, 15:09

8. Mia Thompson, Seashore Striders, 15:18

9. Emmilyn Swope, Seashore Striders, 15:24

10. Shiloh O’Grady, Seashore Striders, 16:16

11. Ainsley Fitzgerald, Seashore Striders, 16:22

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