Build infrastructure before Saturation Pointe

September 10, 2021

I am resending this about eight years after it was originally sent, because Saturation Pointe was reached a long time ago.

I think the next housing development approved in eastern Sussex should be called Saturation Pointe.   

Driving around Sussex, it is apparent that innumerable developments are either in the process of being built or land is for sale for further development. 

Unfortunately these developments are in the works without consideration of their impact on the future.  We need to consider how much more traffic can we endure, how the removal of flora and fauna will impact the ecosystem and the animals, how educational institutions will be impacted.

We seem to have elected officials, both at the state and county levels, who are not thinking of how much growth we can endure.  All seem to be of the mindset that as long as money is coming in now we are alright.  The real estate industry, although they pump money into the county through transfer taxes, are only thinking of what money can be made now.

But, what about the future?  What of the time when Saturation Pointe is built and traffic is at a total standstill and people opt not to waste hours on the road? 

How about considering improving transportation options?  How about improving sewer systems?  How about making developers more responsible for infrastructure improvements?

Yes, we can have development, but let us build an infrastructure first which can take on the increased burden that Saturation Pointe will produce.

Peter Schott
Rehoboth Beach
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