Cannon nets 1,000th point as Vikings sink the Bucs

February 12, 2020

Cape senior point guard Dania Cannon hit her 1,000th point Feb. 11, as the Vikings celebrated the Class of 2020 by defeating Milford 67-22. Cannon finished with 29 points and four assists.

“It feels so good to get 1,000 points, especially on Senior Night,” Cannon said. “It’s nice to have my name added to the girls that have reached 1,000 at Cape. Before the game I wasn’t thinking about it, but as soon as the game started, I was like OK, I’m ready to get it now. I love this team. It’s one of the best teams we’ve had in years. We play together, and we are a family on and off the court. It’s very exciting and we’re not done yet. I’m ready. I just want to reach the championship.”

The evening’s senior activities played out like a script for a Disney movie, as senior Ryleigh Elliott, who has been sidelined all season due to ACL surgery in May, was cleared to play just a few minutes. As the smile lit up her face, she took a pass from Abbey Hearn on the side behind the three-point line and nailed it to open the game’s scoring. She was met with rousing applause and high fives from the bench, and cheers from the nearly full bleachers.

“It felt really good to come out there and finally be back on the court with my friends who I consider my second family,” Elliott said. “After sitting out all season, it was just an overall great feeling to get out there and contribute to the win. It was just an overall great experience and was definitely a Senior Night to remember. I am projected to get fully cleared Feb. 28. I’m super excited to get to finish the season with the basketball team and then get out there on the softball field.”

Hearn scored a double-double with 18 points and 10 rebounds.

“This is really nice because we know our season isn’t over yet,” Hearn said. “It’s really nice for everyone to come out to support us. This team means so much to me. It’s especially great for Dania because she came up through this school district. For her to get her 1,000th on Senior Night is really special, and I’m so happy for her. Carlin [Quinn] and I came here last year. We love it here and all of the support has been great.”

Quinn dominated under the basket, snagging 14 rebounds, blocking two shots and picking up two assists.

“Only being here for two years, it’s crazy,” she said. “I wish I could have been here for my whole high school career. I’ve made such great friends.”

Sophomore forward Mehkia Applewhite scored nine points and pulled down three rebounds. Morgan Mahoney hit a three-pointer, snagged seven rebounds and blocked three shots.

“I’m so glad Dania got her 1,000th,” said head coach Pat Woods. “That’s a huge milestone, but she’s so much more than scoring points. It would be interesting to see how many assists she has over her career. I know in just the past two years she’s had probably 300. She’s a great leader. Aside from what everybody sees on the court, it’s the conversations that I have with Dania during the stressful situations in games. We’ll have a discussion on what we think will work better offensively or defensively. That’s the kind of stuff I’m going to miss. The seniors working together all season has been great, and Ryleigh’s willingness to stay with the program, knowing she wasn’t going to play. But it worked out for her tonight. I just really enjoy these seniors.”

The junior varsity Vikings finished their perfect 13-0 season with a 48-15 win over the JV Bucs.

Ja'Onna Lee led the JV Vikings with 17 points, nine steals and three rebounds. Diana Nauman hit for 16 points while picking up seven steals and grabbing four rebounds. Mackenzie Vitolo tallied eight points. Grace Totten had five steals.

The Cape varsity squad ends its regular season Thursday, Feb.13, at Sussex Central.


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