Cape Region author releases ABC book about chickens

Copies distributed to libraries, schools and youth clubs
May 4, 2021

 Local author Joanne K. Guilfoil has just released her ABC book, the first of three books about chickens. (A reference manual and hardback book will follow shortly). The title of this book is “The ABCs of Chickens on Delmarva.”

Guilfoil raised the funds to publish this informative and fun little book. Its purpose and design is to share the history of the Delmarva chicken industry, from commercial growers to exhibition and youth clubs. Thanks to a few very generous local sponsors, hundreds of copies of these ABC books are now being distributed - for free - to local libraries, local elementary schools, exhibition and youth poultry clubs across Delmarva. And thanks to a very caring local principal, the A-Z text is also translated into Spanish, for language learning as well as information on chickens.

So, what makes this book so special? To start, the front cover boasts a large, red and white, iconic rooster. The statue actually stands on top of the Bunting & Bertrand poultry equipment building, where the author buys her chicken feed, as seen from Route 113 in Frankford. That fun fellow on the cover is a preview to the cute kids found in the beginning pages, as they learn about raising chickens.

What follows is every alphabet letter A-Z, with witty poetry in English and prose in Spanish to read, rich color graphics and photos to see and a line drawing to color. After all, the author is also an artist and wanted to encourage that activity in the readers

This book tells about chickens on Delmarva, it’s history, including actual people, equipment, buildings and birds. It also provides some agriculture and science, with images of: inoculations, vaccinations, waste water, winter wheat, a litter to energy plant, and X rays of chickens. What better way to portray the letter X! For school-age readers a glossary further defines terms in greater detail.

Enjoy a free copy at a local library, visit a local bookstore and ask, or find this book online at, for $15 plus shipping and handling.

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