Celebration held for Veterans Conservation Corps

September 4, 2017

A total of 18 Veterans Conservation Corps members spent 11 months in DNREC's Delaware State Parks performing trail maintenance, meadow management and invasive species eradication, and assisting in construction of boardwalks, solar panels, yurts and fire rings, and dozens of other park-based projects. During a celebration of their service, DNREC Secretary Shawn M. Garvin and others thanked the veterans, immediate family members and retired veterans for all of their hard work in state parks.

"Not only have these veterans and their immediate family members sacrificed for the good of their country, they have also made a tremendous impact in our state parks that is invaluable," said Garvin. "They have helped promote, protect and conserve Delaware's natural wonders, and that has created outstanding benefits for our state parks and the people who use them. I cannot express how grateful we are for their hard work."

The celebration highlighted the corps members' hard work and the the progress made since October 2016. DNREC's Delaware State Parks VCC program provides high-quality jobs and environmental opportunities for veterans and their immediate family members, and military retirees. Corps members conduct meaningful environmental and park-focused activities as a means of providing a lasting benefit for state parks. VCC is committed to engaging veterans in important conservation and park projects while providing hands-on skills and knowledge enabling members to find employment in the natural resources field.

For more information on the VCC, contact Program Manager Karen Minner, DNREC's Delaware State Parks Veterans Conservation Corps, 302-739-9208. For information on how to apply, go to