Clean Energy USA celebrates 10 years of solar

July 21, 2017

Clean Energy USA, Delaware’s leading solar company, is celebrating 10 years of business. With over 1,600 solar electric systems installed in Delaware, Clean Energy USA has made a positive and substantial environmental impact and saved its customers millions of dollars.

Founded in 2007, Clean Energy USA has installed over 50,000 panels, which is over 12 megawatts of solar power. Current customers will save a lifetime total of more than $110 million on their electricity bills thanks to the solar that Clean Energy USA has installed.

“When I start adding up all the money that our customers will save with solar, it is pretty incredible,” said John Sertich of Clean Energy USA.

A huge part of Clean Energy USA’s success is thanks to its partnership with homebuilder Schell Brothers. Hundreds of new homes have been built with Clean Energy USA solar, making Schell Brothers one of the leading builders nationally in terms of percentage of homes that have solar.

“One of the things that I hear all the time from homeowners is that they are really glad Schell Brothers promoted solar. They tell me it is one of the best parts about living in a Schell Brothers home because it takes their low bills and makes them almost nonexistent,” said Chris Schell, president of Schell Brothers.

Solar works by converting sunlight into electricity. Homes and businesses use that electricity, meaning they do not have to purchase the equivalent amount from their utility. Any excess goes through the meter, spinning it backward. This way, all the electricity the solar produces makes bills go down accordingly.

Solar panels have 25-year warranties, making them a great way to reduce or even eliminate electric bills now and more importantly, in the future, when electricity prices may be significantly more expensive. A solar electric system that saves a homeowner $2,000 annually now may save them $5,000 a year in the future if power prices keep rising steadily.

“Living in a house with solar panels takes away the worry of electric bills going up since the panels offset my bill no matter how expensive electricity is. And it’s pretty amazing when I go get my bill and it is $0 or even a credit!” said Lyn Cattafi, a Schell Brothers homeowner and Rehoboth Beach resident.

Delaware and the federal government have incentives in place to help pay for much of the cost of the systems. The cost of solar is less than 1/3 of what it was 10 years ago when Clean Energy USA began doing business. Much of the product has become less expensive due to increased competition and demand that these incentives created over time.

The solar panels Clean Energy USA has installed to date will save the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of 752,887,483 passenger car miles. That’s 7,528 cars driven 100,000 miles!

Vice President of Operations Megan Spangler has been with the company since its founding. Operations Manager Lyn Mox has been with the company for almost nine years. Lead installer Mike Griffin has been installing for Clean Energy USA for nine years. In total, Clean Energy USA employees have over 100 years of experience in the solar business. Together, they hope to continue building a brighter and cleaner future for homeowners in the region.

“It’s rewarding knowing that as I do my job and work with great coworkers and customers that a byproduct is a cleaner environment. I know when I go to work that our customers are getting a great product and we all benefit from it,” said Spangler.

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