Collaboration and transparency needed

July 30, 2020

Our current mayor has criticized candidates who want to preserve the character of the city, saying we need to concentrate on the future, not the past. The character of our city is the result of decades of leadership to make Rehoboth a desirable town to call home or conduct business. Unfortunately, these decades of work have been under assault these recent years by Mayor Kuhns’ lack of transparency and backroom deals such as:

• An attempt to give LLCs the right to vote in our elections

• Proposals to give away our wastewater treatment facility to the county

• Severely restricting citizen input during town meetings and their ability to be selected to participate on committees that can have a dramatic impact on residents’ quality of life

• Setting of utility and tax rates in a manner disproportionally favoring commercial interests over residents.

I strongly agree with Mayor Kuhns that voters must concentrate on the future of Rehoboth. I believe that future must include voters being allowed to express their views and listened to by city officials. And being able to participate so they can have an impact on the direction of the city; not the present experience of being ignored in favor of those who push for big development which, if recent past actions are any indicator, will be disproportionally subsidized by the residents they represent.

Rehoboth needs candidates with the right values, and the right experience to lead the city forward. I encourage all my fellow citizens of Rehoboth Beach to look carefully at the candidates and their records. We need Stan Mills, Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett. They deserve your vote by absentee ballot or in person Aug. 8.

Steve Latsios
Rehoboth Beach
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