The coming catastrophe

January 14, 2022

While locals complain about the inadequate roads (or the possibility of ever alleviating this condition), a much larger problem looms. And it is not just the hopelessness of evacuating on our three east-west roads when needed.

It is not a matter of if but when our area will be hit by a nor’easter or hurricane.

What makes this prediction worse is that since the March Storm of 1962, rampant building has occurred here, and the number of hectares of impervious surfaces (non-draining surfaces throughout Eastern Sussex), has increased drastically.

If you aren’t familiar with this hazardous storm, Storm of 1962, please check the internet and view the damage to homes, roads and vehicles.

Please recall that this area caught a huge break in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy veered north and hit New Jersey, and then proceeded up the coast causing $50 billion of damage and destruction of life.

Sadly, many insurance companies either went under or forfeited on their responsibility. Eight months after Sandy, there were folks still without electricity or repair of their dwellings.

Today, nine years later, many folks haven’t been compensated.

Yet, planning and zoning and county council refuse to accept their responsibility to ensure the well-being of their citizens.

Kit Zak
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