Cordrey employees hold healthy walk competition

December 30, 2017

For a healthy lifestyle, the average person is recommended to take 10,000 steps each day. The employees at Cordrey Companies turned this fact into a monthly competition inspired by fantasy football. That's the game where people hypothetically draft NFL players and gain or lose points based on the performance of those players.

In all, 40 people from East Coast Garden Center, RSC Landscaping and their nursery division stepped on board in November. They earned points proportionate to their performance for their teams on a daily basis. For the 22 work days in November, participating employees walked 11.5 million steps. That's the equivalent of 46,000 miles, which is the distance from Millsboro to central Alaska, or from Millsboro to Hawaii as the crow flies. Not only did employees across divisions get to know each other better, but they also improved their health and are looking forward to starting on the right foot in January 2018.