Couple shares concerns over Henlopen Avenue

September 10, 2021

We have lived on Henlopen Avenue since 1987 and share Dennis Diehl’s concern (Letters, Friday, Sept. 3) for pedestrian and bicycle safety on our street. It is not a wide road, and because the shoulders are mainly gravel and used for parking, cyclists and pedestrians with strollers and beach wagons often must use the roadway. On any given summer day hundreds of these folks pass our house. The combination of automobile and commercial truck traffic can sometimes make these activities a harrowing experience.

One of the main issues is vehicular speed, and although the new stop signs at Easton Street and N. First Street have helped, from Easton to Second Street, Henlopen Avenue has become a veritable speedway. Many drivers observe the posted speed limit, but many do not, and we have observed numerous instances of vehicles travelling well above 25 mph. Mr. Diehl has made some excellent suggestions, but a few more stop signs on Henlopen, perhaps at Gerar and Third and/or radar-controlled speed signs, might be in order as well. 

We know of similar complaints and suggestions made by some of our neighbors and the response from the city has always been that it’s a budget issue. That may well be, but a few stop signs seems to us a small price to pay to prevent serious injury or worse.

Eric and Kathleen Ellinghaus
Rehoboth Beach
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