Delaware needs to make major revisions

January 10, 2020

The most recent report from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia regarding economic performance of the 50 states discloses that Delaware has the dubious distinction of sliding into recession within the next six months. 

Meantime, the folks who wield applicable power here that might mitigate, or preferably avert, such an outcome show no signs of concern. 

What to do? 

When it became obvious a few years ago, for example, that our state’s economy would undergo major transformation following the demise of DuPont, the elites failed to frame a cogent program to forestall our current predicament. 

Here, then, are a few ideas. 

First reduce the footprint of state government via a modern, new state constitution.

Regarding highways, turn responsibility over to the respective counties for in-county construction and maintenance. 

Turn over to the private sector financing and construction of new multi-county and interstate highways. 

Vastly curtail the state’s program for medical care to the current dependent cohort, and markedly reduce the unwieldy, over-bureaucratized educational establishment.

Reductions of state involvement in these areas will then permit institution of a postcard-reported personal property tax to replace the state’s income tax.   

Only by becoming The Smart State rather than The Wannabe State will Delaware be positioned to attract new employment generators such as large firms in the finance and research sectors, both from our country and winners from abroad.    

Rhodes Vessels


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