Delaware short film seeks video auditions by April 4

March 31, 2021

Nantico, an independent film production studio, is looking for children and adults to fill roles in its new project, “The Secret in the Old Clock,” shooting this spring in Sussex County.

Video auditions are to be submitted virtually by Sunday, April 4.

The story follows Judy Mae, an 11-year-old confirmand who must enlist the help of the town baker to master the ceremonial pie recipe or she'll be expelled from her society. Nantico is searching for local talent to fill the following roles:

• Judy Mae, female, 9-12. A friend to all, Judy has always been eager to please those around her, particularly her parents, teachers, and other community leaders. She is liked and often praised for her willful obedience and good behavior. Her parents are proud of her, and she finds comfort in the definitiveness of it all.

• Judy’s Mother, female, 35-40. The picture of a dutiful, working housewife, expects Judy to be of equal merit and character.

• Judy’s Father, male, 35-40. Practical and respected among his peers, completely tolerable, averse to controversy and those who incite it.

• Miss Bleake, female, 60-65. The soon-to-retire town baker has been silently shouldering a burden for too long, and it’s becoming too heavy to bear.

• Friend, female, 9-12. Bold and confident, Judy’s closest friend is also a classmate.

• Teacher, male, 40-45. An aspiring member of the clergy, the teacher is committed to molding his students into model citizens of their society.

• Leader, female, 65-70. A stark legalist, the presiding elder of the community is fanatical about maintaining law and order.

For more information about the project and how to submit a virtual audition, go to


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