DelDOT clueless about bicyclists

July 2, 2020

I am convinced that no one working for DelDOT rides a bicycle in the Lewes/Rehoboth area. What a stupid idea, to have bikes swerve in front of traffic to reach the center of the lane in order to ride on the steel plates. On weekends, with heavy tourist traffic, car drivers will be reluctant to allow bikes to cross in front of them to reach the center plates. What a nightmare! 

I’ll continue to take my chances on the steel grate! 

And by the way, DelDOT still has not painted stripes on the bike lane going around the bend at Route 1 and Kings Highway to help safeguard bicycles. What are they waiting for, another cyclist’s death? 

Nor has DelDOT made any improvements at the intersection of Freeman Highway and Monroe Street where essentially two main bike paths meet, with a bicycle shop on one side of Freeman and a bike service center on the other side (at the Lewes library).  Again, is DelDOT waiting for a crossing cyclist to get hit by ferry traffic? It would seem so.

Charles Patalive
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