Delmarva Christian students create silhouette artwork

February 26, 2018

Delmarva Christian Milton Campus fifth-grade students in Caroline Schneck's history class studied what 18th century life was like for the people living in the 13 North American colonies. One thing the students have learned is that all of the colonists had an appreciation for the arts.

For the less affluent, it was not uncommon to see one or two silhouette portraits hung in the colonial home. These artworks were a popular way to re-create an image of oneself or a loved one, more so than a lavish oil painting.

To experience the art of creating silhouette portraits for themselves, the DCMC fifth-grade students used a pencil, paper and the light beam from a flashlight. Each student sketched the profile of a fellow classmate before filling in the contours with black paint. As a final touch to the silhouettes, students dipped feather quills into inkwells and signed their works of art.