Demo of Walls’ Apartments buildings has begun

Two old beach houses go down, making way for new single-family homes
January 22, 2021

Story Location:
28 Christian Street
Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971
United States

The demolition of four more of the Walls’ Apartments buildings in Rehoboth Beach has begun. Rehoboth Beach issued demolition permits in early December for 22 and 28 Christian St.; demolition was allowed to begin after Jan. 2. Demolition is starting with the house at 28 Christian, and preparatory site work has started for the house at 22 Christian.

This is the second set of buildings demolished in the apartment complex. In April 2019, 16 cottages along the Scarborough Avenue side of the property were removed. That portion of the property is still vacant.

The Lingo family and real estate company own the property, having purchased it in March 2014. The previous owner was Ann Walls McCool, who, with the help of two husbands she outlived, operated the Walls’ Apartments business from 1951 until her death in 2013. The complex is also home to the Lorenzo Dow Martin House on the corner of Christian Street and Scarborough Avenue. It was built before 1870 and is considered the oldest house in Rehoboth.

In a previous story, Bryce Lingo, associate broker at Jack Lingo Realtor, said there will be two new single-family houses built to replace the structures being torn down.




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