Dewey knows Paul Bauer, but who knows Phil Rowe?  

October 18, 2019

I know Paul Bauer, and he has been a fixture in the Dewey Beach community for the past 20 years. If Phil Rowe really cares about Dewey Beach, why haven’t I ever seen him at any town events? No one in town would even know who he is if he walked through town.

Besides being a fair and level-headed commissioner, Paul Bauer has been involved in almost every community event in Dewey.
He is the No. 1 volunteer and cheerleader for this town, and consistently volunteers his time and energy to make Dewey a great community.

Did you notice Uncle Sam at the Clydesdales parade? That was Paul.

Did you ever take your kids or grandkids to the see the Easter Bunny on the beach? That was Paul.

Dewey goes Pink, Run for the Paws, Buddy Walks,  Kids Running of the Bull and Community clean up days... Yes, that was Paul.

Phil Rowe is clearly showing that he knows nothing about the people of Dewey.

Has Rowe ever been to any events that promote Dewey in a positive image? Does Rowe even care enough to volunteer his own time? Please correct me, but I have never seen him at any of these positive events.

If it wasn’t for the 221 out-of-town absentee votes that old Mayor Hanson got him, this election would have been a landslide. Enough already, Phil Rowe. Do something constructive for the town instead of bashing it and suing it.

The people in town don’t like to see thousands of dollars wasted on a frivolous lawsuit. Get more involved in being the solution and not the enemy of Dewey, and run again next year.  

My advice would be to take the next year being a good citizen of Dewey and volunteering like Paul does and letting the people get to know you and how you will help Dewey remain a great beach town going forward instead of distancing yourself by suing the town you say you want to help.

Jeff Warner
Dewey Beach


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