DMV vanity tag reservation process goes online

January 13, 2022

As the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles provides improvements to services offered, the process to request vanity tag reservations is changing to increase convenience and efficiency for customers statewide.

Currently, the division’s process to request vanity tag reservation requires customers to retrieve tags at a physical DMV location.

With the upcoming changes implemented, customers can have a vanity tag order mailed directly to their vehicle registration address on file, thus eliminating the trip to DMV. This maximizes customer convenience and staff efficiency, allowing the division to continue providing first-class service from the First State.

Customers can check availability for the desired vanity tag and request it online. All requests are subject to review and approval to ensure they do not contain vulgarity, profanity, obscenity or hate speech. If approved, the customer will receive an email to proceed with the order and online payment.

If denied, the customer will receive an email explaining the request denial.

The customer must have at least 90 days remaining on their vehicle registration, and the vehicle registration address must be correct prior to initiating the order process.

A change of address can be completed using myDMV Online Services at

Once the order is complete, the vanity tag will be mailed to the customer within six to eight weeks.

Vanity tag reservation requests can be placed online at

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