Do the right thing in Dewey Beach

January 12, 2018

Well here we are in January 2018, and where the hell is the Town of Dewey Beach in making Dewey attractive again?

Ever since the $2.5 million scandal involving the town's leadership - police, lifeguards and construction offices - came to light back in 2017, nothing substantive has taken place. These town officials are still on the job drawing income and maybe still receiving donations from the federal government for who knows what.

This scandal is Dewey's own Watergate. I don't see where any substantive action has taken place to make our tarnished town squeaky clean once again as it had been for years.

Where is the aggressive action from the mayor and his council to do the right thing for the good people of Dewey? We loved this town because we were proud of its character. But when the good character has been thrown under the bus - it's almost impossible for the town to be able to hold its head high again.

The mayor can advertise all he wants about the good programs and events that go on in Dewey, but you can't cover cow manure with sweet icing and hope it will cover the stink.

What needs to be done - and now - is to suspend the alleged violators and light a fire under the investigation and do the right thing for this town to have it cleansed so that our town is managed by people with good character.

Rich Miller
Dewey Beach


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