The Dough Bar to come to Milton next spring

Downtown pizza shop scheduled to open in March
November 7, 2018

The creators of Milton’s popular coffee house and pastry bar, The Suburban Farmhouse, are close to opening a second downtown Milton venture: The Dough Bar.

Co-owners Kristen and Marc Latham say The Dough Bar will be a make-your-own pizza joint, designed as an interactive, fun experience for pizza lovers.

“We decided we needed more to do in town,” Kristen said.

Marc said the venture, which also involves Suburban Farmhouse co-owners Stephanie and Zeke Przygocki, is designed as something to keep locals dining downtown.

“When Marc and I moved to Milton two years ago, we decided there needed to be something more here. I lived in the big cities, and I missed all the experiences and the neat things you get in the city,” Kristen said. She said she would like Milton to be a town that succeeds without the pull of a beach.

“I would love this town to be the next New Hope or the next St. Michaels,” she said. “This town has that charm, and I think would be perfect for it.”

The concept behind The Dough Bar is relatively simple: customers will come in and receive a 9-inch crust - there will be options for traditional, low-carb, cauliflower or gluten-free - and then move through the fixings bar, where there will be sauces, cheeses and toppings. The pizza will then be brought to staff, where it will be cooked in a 90-second oven.

“It’s to your liking, your taste, your amount and we’ll bake it for you,” Kristen said.

Marc said cheat sheets will help people build a specific kind of pizza.

“A guide to make a perfect pizza,” Kristen said.

She said The Dough Bar will use fresh, artisanal ingredients, but with the customer in control of how they use those ingredients. The restaurant will have 16 tables at the start, with room for expansion.

The idea for The Dough Bar came from the Lathams own experiences making pizzas at home with their friends.

“In our home, we have little pizza stones, and when we have family and friends over we cut up a bunch of beautiful artisan food, and then we get crusts, and they make their own pizzas. It’s been such a positive, fun thing that we do,” Kristen said. “We wanted to take that exact same experience and bring it to you.”

Marc said the plan is to open in March, although he thinks they could be open sooner. The Dough Bar will not have a bar; the plan is B.Y.O.B. Marc said they did not want a bar because they wanted it to be a place adults could feel secure in taking their kids.

Besides pizza, the Lathams say they will also have edible cookie dough, as well as bulk candy and sauces for sale.

The Dough Bar is at 107 Federal St., across the street from The Suburban Farmhouse. Although no website and contact information is yet available, more information can be found at