Dough Bar opens in Milton

January 13, 2021

2020 was a rough year for everyone, but Milton restaurant owners Kristen and Marc Latham found it particularly difficult.

First, their flagship restaurant Suburban Farmhouse closed after the building was sold, then their retail business, Speckled Roost, was lost in a fire. All the while, they were opening two new businesses, The Fox Hole and the Dough Bar, at the same location.

That has changed, as the Lathams have now opened the Dough Bar in its own stand-alone location, adjacent to the Irish Eyes patio near Milton Memorial Park.

The Dough Bar has technically been open for a year, doing delivery and carryout, but the restaurant opened Jan. 13 for indoor and outdoor seating. 

While the menu of pizza and pasta is the main event, the most unique feature of the Dough Bar is the outdoor seating area. In order to maintain social distance while giving customers a unique experience, the Dough Bar has special clear tents, or “Dough Balls,” as Kristen Latham calls them. Each tent cost about $475. The tents can seat from four to six people, and are heated for the cold winter months. Latham encouraged anyone seeking to sit in one of the outside tents to reserve one ahead of time, although reservations are not required. 

“We love them. They are lots of fun,” Latham said. 

She said the tents and tables are sanitized after every use with disinfectant spray, and each table is sanitized with an ultraviolet light wand. 

With the new space, Latham plans to expand services. The Dough Bar will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The latte bar will serve up breakfast items in the spirit of what Suburban Farmhouse used to do. In addition to breakfast, Latham said the Dough Bar will have lunch and dinner delivery seven days a week, and a full bar. 

“That’s what they loved about the Farmhouse; it was an experience. The Dough Bar is a newer and cooler version of that,” she said. “It’s comfortable. It’s more of a restaurant but still has that cozy feeling.”

The Dough Bar is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information on the Dough Bar, visit or find Milton Dough Bar on Facebook. 

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