Edward Chrzanowski for Rehoboth Beach commissioner

August 2, 2019

While I live just outside the boundary of the city of Rehoboth Beach, it has been clear to me what happens there impacts all of us in the surrounding areas of Sussex County. I have been personally involved in the city of Rehoboth since I began coming here over 35 years ago.

Now I am adding my voice to so many others who are supporting him and asking you to vote for Edward J. Chrzanowski (“sha-nuski”) for Rehoboth Beach commissioner. While his last name may be difficult to spell and pronounce, his excellent qualifications for the position are easy to see. Edward is already deeply involved in working on the issues still facing Rehoboth Beach as the community grows and prospers. 

Contrary to some of the candidates running, Edward does not want to go back to the past, but would rather continue to move Rehoboth forward into the future. He has worked with the mayor and commissioners as well as other community stakeholders to make Rehoboth Beach an even greater place than it is today for residents, businesses and tourists. Edward clearly understands to continue to thrive Rehoboth must address the needs of all three of those groups. Rehoboth is dependent on all of them working together, and each individually continuing to be part of the progress being made.

It is important that voters know aside from his involvement in the town, Edward brings to the position of commissioner a background in finance. He is currently the managing member of a consulting firm specializing in operational and regulatory compliance in the financial services sector.  He also has a background in human resources, having served as SVP of Human Resources and

Compliance for an SEC-registered investment advisor/nationwide investment banking firm specializing in the financial services sector.

In addition to serving on various committees and working with a number of Rehoboth charities, for the past two years Edward has served as president of Rehoboth Beach Main Street. He has worked to support and rebuild the business community in Rehoboth and help fill those empty storefronts. He understands a strong, thriving business community is good for both residents and tourists. 

In putting forth his candidacy he has emphasized four areas important to making Rehoboth Beach the place people will continue to want to live, work and recreate. He is a believer in the values of a community. He understands how important strong values are to keeping a community vibrant. To him community values are about having respect for each and every person. Edward believes we must work to understand each other, and to do that we must spend more time listening to each other. That is the only way we can ensure fair and equitable treatment of all the city’s stakeholders. 

Second, to continue to build on the great things we now have in Rehoboth Beach, Edward understands we must ensure the city’s financial condition is sound. With his background in finance he will keep a laser-like focus on the budget.

Edward understands to rebuild and work on all the deferred maintenance and threats to the existing infrastructure, the city will need to diversify and increase sources of revenue; eliminate unnecessary expenses; and encourage city officials and employees to think outside the box as they go about their jobs.  Edward believes those who utilize our services, especially visitors, need to contribute to the city to offset the cost of those services. He will focus on planning and budgeting for Rehoboth’s future needs.

Third, Edward understands climate change will impact the environment of Rehoboth Beach. As a coastal community, Rehoboth faces unique challenges requiring creative and thoughtful planning and a commitment of resources - time, money and people - to protect and sustain a vibrant Rehoboth Beach as the Nation’s Summer Capital. One of the things that is inevitable is the rise of the sea level. It is happening, and Rehoboth should begin to discuss potential issues that it will create now.  Edward proposes the city develop a designated reserve so it is prepared to deal with issues related to climate change that will impact the community. He wants to explore and then pursue polices to make Rehoboth Beach a leader in “green” technology.

And finally, but clearly important, Edward understands to continue to thrive, Rehoboth Beach must take the lead in collaborating with its neighbors. That includes developing even closer relationships with the government of Sussex County, and working with the state and federal government. He understands the value of public/private partnerships as the way to fund necessary projects in the areas he has stated he will focus on. Those include enhanced infrastructure, protection of natural resources, and preparing the city to deal with the impact of climate change. 

So for these and many more reasons I urge the residents of Rehoboth Beach to cast their ballot for Edward Chrzanowski for city commissioner Aug 10. Edward will bring a new voice to the commission, but one already steeped in the issues of the city. He will be a voice for the future, and will work with the mayor and other commissioners to move the city forward. Rehoboth can’t be allowed to slide back to the past as some of the other candidates are proposing. 

Peter D. Rosenstein
Rehoboth Beach


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