Enrichment course teaches America’s founding principles to teens

September 5, 2019

Act to Restore America’s Promise is a national, nonpartisan, award-winning high school social studies curriculum enrichment program that can be used by public, private, parochial, urban, suburban and rural high schools.

The program provides national public-policy resource materials directly to high school social studies department chairs and classroom teachers for use as supplementary and enrichment materials. These resources provide information explaining facts, principles and values of markets and limited government.

Nine resource packets are sent to each sponsored high school on a one-per-month basis during the school year for teacher lesson plan preparation and student-study use in class and at home. Packets can be used with all social studies curriculum streams including civics, government, political science, economics, current events, problems of democracy and contemporary issues.

Many of the key public policy issues, both domestic and foreign, facing America at this time are addressed in the timely and topical packets.

Teachers say they appreciate that these packets save them valuable research time in preparing for classroom presentations. Students get really excited at the multiple discussion and debate opportunities afforded by the pro/con format of the resource packets.

The program’s purpose is to reach and teach America’s teenagers the traditional principles and values of  individual rights and responsibilities, private property, free enterprise and limited, constitutional government.

For more information, go to or call 717-665-3397.