Event planning made simple

Total Package brings all vendors to one place
August 19, 2019

Planning a wedding, corporate event or fundraiser can be a monumental and stressful task. But a trio of business-savvy women has figured out a way to bring the planning all under one roof. 

Ashley Reynolds of Make My Day Event Planning recently joined forces with Carly Miller and Jess Bain of Styled to create The Total Package.

The Total Package brings vendors to Styled’s home on Shady Road outside Lewes for an all-inclusive planning extravaganza.

“I lived in Florida when I was getting married,” Bain said. “When I’d come up, I’d have to come up for an entire weekend to run around to all the different places that I needed to go. I had my wedding in Rehoboth, but I’d have to go to Salisbury – here, there and everywhere.”

The Total Package clients spend the day at Styled, where they meet with the event planner, decor experts and any other vendors – florist, photographer, chef, baker, etc. – to plan the event, from transportation to entertainment and everything in between. Coastal Tented Event Rentals stores their supplies at Styled, and there is a full kitchen for food tastings. Styled, a seasonal decor specialist, also has more than enough to see and touch while planning an event.

The Total Package team said they use vendors they know and trust to ensure an event goes off without a hitch. 

“We renovated this space to be a comfortable environment for people to come in,” Miller said. “And we don’t compromise quality. We know these people, and we know they do it right.”

They say the quality is consistent, no matter the client’s budget. Whether a small wedding with a tight budget or a large corporate event or fundraiser with a more robust budget, they say they can work to ensure the event meets the needs of the client.

And by working together under one roof, they say they can provide cost savings to clients because the vendors are all on the same page.

They’ve worked with the Harry K Foundation on fundraisers. For events like that, they say it’s important the client makes money.

“He’s trying to feed kids,” Miller said.

By handing the reins over to The Total Package team, they say it also allows the client to focus on other tasks.

“For a foundation that’s holding an event, they can concentrate on making money and doing their fundraising, which is the point of having it in the first place,” Bain said.

To learn more about The Total Package, search for TheTotalPackageEvents on Facebook and Instagram, email or call 302-827-3225.