Gossett has committment to Rehoboth Beach

July 31, 2020

I have been asked numerous times during my campaign for city commissioner, “Why are you running?”

In truth, the answer is pretty simple: I care deeply about the City of Rehoboth Beach.

Of course, that is not the whole story, but it is the center of everything I will work for and everything I have accomplished in my past service to the city - nine years on the planning commission and nine years on the city commission.

As a matter of fact, my family has been in love with Rehoboth Beach since the ’30s. I have a great photo of my mother on the Boardwalk in front of the Henlopen Hotel in 1933! She started bringing me here when I was only a child. And Howard and I planted our roots here when we bought our home in 1996.

Several months back, many individuals contacted me about running again. They’ve been concerned with the direction the city has taken in the past few years, about the city’s inadequate response to the health and economic effects of COVID-19, about the lack of transparency in our current city government, and about the city’s financial stability in the wake of COVID-19.

I share all those concerns, and so I decided to step up again to help address them.

I believe that only when Rehoboth Beach is known as a safe and healthy destination will we have a healthy economy and recover from the economic effects of COVID-19. When making travel plans, most visitors first ask, “Is Rehoboth Beach safe?”

The city needs to consistently get the word out that our beaches are clean, our Boardwalk is clean and beautiful, our restaurants and shops are open, and that, above all, we are a safe and welcoming place to visit.

We must manage our growth before it manages us. I have a record as a champion for preserving our sense of place and the essential character of Rehoboth Beach, which is why we all choose to live, work, and visit here.

We must protect our important natural assets: our beach, Boardwalk, lakes and trees. Rehoboth Beach would not be Rehoboth Beach without them.

We have to address our citizens’ concerns about lack of transparency - by conducting city meetings in the open, restoring and welcoming citizen participation and open communication, and focusing on consensus building.

We must assure that the city has the resources to maintain the level of service and amenities that have always made us a clean, safe and friendly destination. And it’s imperative that we support our businesses and ensure we offer an excellent visitor experience.

We must commit ourselves to careful financial management, distinguishing between our needs and our wants.

On Aug. 8, you will hire people who will work for you as your elected officials for the next three years.

As you consider your vote, ask yourself this: would you hire someone for an important job who had no experience?

Of course not. You would hire the most qualified person, not one who would need on-the-job training, particularly with the immediate challenges our city is facing.

It is important to remember that this is not a popularity contest and we’re not voting for a prom king and queen. This is a serious full-time job - not a hobby and not a side gig.

This is my commitment to you:

I share your vision and passion for our beautiful city.

I will use my business and public service experience to manage your tax dollars wisely.

I will protect our sense of place.

And I will help bring our city into the future as a healthy and safe community.

Please go to to learn more about my positions on the important issues facing us. And feel free to email me with your questions and concerns at

I ask for your vote Aug. 8, or by absentee ballot, to continue my service to you and to our amazing city.

Patrick Gossett
candidate for city commissioner
Rehoboth Beach
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