Graffiti found on Cape High student’s car

Racist language, explicit drawings written in pollen
May 15, 2018

A Cape High senior found racist language and explicit drawings written in the pollen on her car’s hood May 8.

The word N***** was written in pollen next to a sexually explicit drawing. The student reported the incident to Cape High officials. The Cape Gazette is withholding the victim’s name.

In a statement, the student said Principal Nikki Miller, Assistant Principal Mike Dmiterchik, and Master Cpl. Timothy Wolansky handled the situation correctly and efficiently during a vulnerable time for her and her family, and that she and her family are  appreciative for everything done for them thus far.

The victim’s mother also expressed appreciation for school officials. In a statement, she wrote that the situation was handled in less than 24 hours. She also commended the administration for making her daughter, who was embarrassed and afraid, feel safe. She said Vice Principal Dmiterchik and Principal Miller advocated for her child while considering her feelings and the feelings of the others involved.

The victim’s mother also wrote, unfortunately we can't change others; we can only lead by example, and we are lucky we have these individuals teaching and leading our future citizens. 

Charges were not filed. Delaware State Police spokesperson Master Cpl. Melissa Jaffe said the case is closed.

“These actions are extremely concerning and are a direct opposition to the values and beliefs of the district,” Cape High Principal Nikki Miller said. “We do our best to handle this type of situation as quickly and as promptly as possible. We worked with the family and police to investigate the situation. Unfortunately we cannot speak to specifics of student discipline.” 

“Please know that offenses of this nature are treated seriously, and that our administrative team, along with the assistance of our School Resource Officer, promptly investigated and handled the incident in a way that conveyed a strong message that this type of behavior has no place in the Cape Henlopen School District,” said Cape Superintendent Robert Fulton.