Hook PR to lead brand storytelling workshops Dec. 5, 6, 13

December 1, 2019

The Hook PR & Marketing team will share brand storytelling tips at three upcoming workshops.

Brand storytelling has become a buzzword with a double-edged sword. Stories can help businesses make meaningful connections with clients or prospects, or they can turn people off with superficial elements that seem like boasting.

“The key to effective brand storytelling is to be simple and authentic – and it needs to start with an organization’s why,” said Patricia Rivera, founder of Hook PR & Marketing in Milton.

Workshops will start at 8:30 a.m. Sessions will be held Thursday, Dec. 5, at Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce in Dover; Friday, Dec. 6, at the Hook office in Milton; and Friday, Dec. 13, at Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. The cost per session is $99.

The workshops are open to for-profit and nonprofit leaders who want to understand how stories sell business and are ready to craft a strong brand narrative. During the 90-minute small-group workshop, attendees will review the basics of brand messaging, the science of storytelling and the importance of developing a strong digital presence for growth.

Specifics include: why stories lead to business growth; how to showcase a brand story so it resonates with clients; what a brand promise should include; and which storytelling techniques are most effective for small businesses.

“The rise of digital marketing makes it even more important for businesses to connect with their target audience in a meaningful way,” Rivera said. “Storytelling provides that connection and that humanity that helps brands stand apart.”

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