Horror show on the Rehoboth Boardwalk

July 10, 2020

If you are looking for a horror movie you do not need to go to Midway.  You can see real-time, true-to-life horror scenes on a Rehoboth Beach webcam.  I watched pedestrians on the Boardwalk on the cam site,  I did this on the day that Mayor Kuhns’ order for wearing masks everywhere in Rehoboth Beach was in effect.  I wanted to see if there was a better compliance rate than what I previously observed.   

On June 30, the Cape Gazette reported more than 100 people tested positive following a COVID-19 test event held recently in Rehoboth Beach.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that for every confirmed COVID-19 case there are 10 additional infected people, so there had to be COVID-19 positive people on the Boardwalk.  The problem was these people were phantoms as no one knew who they were or where they were.  Self-preservation takes over in a situation like this, and we must assume that everyone is a carrier of COVID-19.  The phantoms are everywhere, and this is the first horror on the Boardwalk.  

I estimated two-thirds of the people on the Boardwalk July 3 were wearing masks.  Much better than the 25 percent I observed prior to the order, but there is more to this second horror.  Only half of the mask-wearing people I saw on the webcam used the masks correctly (covering nose and mouth).   Masks hanging on one ear, around the neck, or on the top of the head were common.  One lady took her mask off after coming from the beach and used the outside of the mask to wipe sweat from her face.  Horror!

A heavyset, mask-less man walking from the beach unto the Boardwalk did a triple-forte sneeze into the faces of a mask-less family of five.  I lost sleep over this horror.  I envisioned the father clinging to life on a respirator, with a sick mother at home barely able to function with three sick children.  

The last horror was an invasion of the miscreants.  A young mask-less couple was walking past a Rehoboth Beach police officer who gestured to put a mask on.  The male of the couple made an obscene gesture back to the officer and the couple kept on walking.  Rehoboth Beach has been invaded by uncaring, un-American scary villains.

Citizens and visitors to Rehoboth Beach:  Can we take a break and stop this horror show?  Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach closed their beaches to regroup and reset the culture. If Rehoboth Beach’s COVID-19 case numbers continue to rise, we need to consider closing the town for a period of time to clean out the virus and reopen with a proactive plan.  Our dwindling numbers of police, lifeguards and restaurant workers need to recover.  Residents and business owners need to step up and make Rehoboth Beach safe for all.   If Rehoboth Beach becomes Delaware’s next hotspot, this horror show will not have a happy ending.  

Gary A. Colangelo, DDS, MGA
Rehoboth Beach
former chair of the Delaware Oral Health Coalition
retired dental director for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
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