Internship open house for graduates with disabilities set Jan. 15

January 9, 2019

Delaware Department of Transportation will host a Project SEARCH Open House for the class of 2019-20 from 5 to 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 15, at the DelDOT Administrative Building in Dover.

Project SEARCH is a one-year, unpaid internship program for students with disabilities who have completed their high school graduation requirements. It is targeted for students whose goal is competitive employment in the community, and who have had some nonpaid job training experience. The program typically takes place in a healthcare, government or business setting, where students are immersed in the workplace. DelDOT is the first state agency to host Project SEARCH in conjunction with the Caesar Rodney School District and additional network partners.

Throughout the school year, interns participate in a functional, academic curriculum that stresses employability and independent-living skills. Project SEARCH activities are designed around seven major focus areas: working responsibly; communicating effectively with or without accommodations; solving problems and developing critical thinking skills; planning and managing a career; applying technology; developing self-advocacy skills; and demonstrating independent community travel skills.

Project SEARCH uses a combination of classroom instruction coupled with unpaid workplace internships to prepare individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities for competitive employment. The benefits of the program include supported internship training experiences; competitive, transferable and marketable job skills; increased independence, confidence, and self-esteem; individualized coaching, direct instruction, and feedback daily; building personal and professional relationships; and opportunities to obtain and secure employment in non-traditional jobs for people with disabilities.

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