It’s time to raise pension exclusion for all retirees

February 14, 2020

I noticed that our state retirees are requesting a pension increase, and rightfully so. After all, living on a pension is not easy with costs continually rising.

Let’s recognize that not only state retirees are facing tough times without an increase but all private-sector retirees, such as myself, are finding it increasingly difficult to pay our bills, especially healthcare bills. Most of private industry no longer provides any healthcare assistance to their retirees. So the private-sector retiree contributes to their supplemental healthcare insurance; they pay for their Medicare Part D; they pay their prescription co-pays and they contribute toward the pensions of our state retirees.

So, perhaps it is time to consider raising the $12K pension exclusion for all retirees in the state of Delaware. By doing that, we can provide assistance to every retiree in the state - public and private sector.

As a note to our legislators, please consider treating all retirees in the state of Delaware equally and help all of us face the continual cost-of-living increases that take place. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

James Berrigan


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