It is time to tap local talent in Lewes

April 15, 2021

I found Lewes just four short years ago, and I have been a resident ever since, so I have come to learn of and appreciate the wealth of talent that exists herein. Shocked and dismayed that I was unable to vote in the recent primaries because I was classified as a member of the so-called “No Party Generation,” I have come to realize that it is time for Lewes and Sussex County to pause and tap this new talent. This is not to say past and present elected officials have done less than honorable and effective service on behalf of their constituents. But times have changed and continue to do so as the dynamics see the influx of change and rampant uncontrolled development potentially singe the essence of what Lewes has meant to those who have lived here for years and continue to call Lewes home.

It was recently brought to my attention that a gentleman of great integrity, character and experience has decided to seek representation on the Lewes City Council. His name - Khalil Saliba! In researching his experience, background, commitment to and longevity in Lewes, I am thrilled he has committed to focusing his attention on addressing all matters of concern to residents of Lewes and the community-at-large.

It also is my understanding he is self-funding his campaign efforts as a precursor to transparency and being obligated to no one, but committed to all.

I ask you to support Khalil Saliba for the good and welfare of all of us in Lewes by casting your ballot for his candidacy to the Lewes City Council Saturday, May 8. Together we can make a difference!

Philip G. Haddad Jr.
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