Just cast one vote for Rick Perry

August 12, 2016

Each August, Rehoboth Beach voters have the right to change the direction of the city's governing body, and make it a more welcoming city. This year's candidates provide yet another stark difference between the mayor's closed government and Rick Perry's promise for an open and fair government.
Candidate Stan Mills's commissioner term is seen as overly zealous for municipal control and regulation, often trampling on the rights of the citizens.

Candidate Toni Sharp has had a lackluster term, and has shown no leadership and no support for the non-resident homeowners.

Candidate Rick Perry, who has the legal and financial management background missing from any of the current commissioners, is the only candidate who can bring new leadership and common sense to our municipal government.
That leaves only one candidate in this year's election qualified as a commissioner – Rick Perry. Mills and Sharp supporters have opposed the idea of voting the "bullet" for only one candidate when two votes are available.

I know that in past campaigns the Gossett campaign has used this same one-vote tactic in his own elections. Thus, while I have two votes, my conscience tells me to give one vote for Rick Perry, and save my second vote for the future of our city.

Lawrence Myslewski
Rehoboth Beach

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