Kuhns and Fuller possess the spirit other candidates do not

July 23, 2020

One might argue that, since I do not reside in Rehoboth or have a right to vote in next month’s election there, I have “no horse in the race.”  I do, however, because I spent a number of years supporting and promoting the town of Rehoboth Beach as a business person in downtown Rehoboth, and I have spent as much time there during waking hours as at my home in Lewes. Many of us who reside outside the town of Rehoboth Beach are anxiously counting on others to vote for our “horses” in the race.

That said, I believe Paul Kuhns is a far better mayoral candidate than the alternative, and that Hugh Fuller is a much-needed voice on the slate of commissioners. In my previous roles in a downtown Rehoboth Beach business and as a prior board member of the chamber, I worked with Paul Kuhns on matters of importance to the town on many occasions. I have witnessed how he approaches and considers issues, engages others, consults with experts and makes critical decisions. I believe I know something of his character, ability and integrity, and I urge voters to re-elect him. He really is the better candidate, hands down.

I have also learned a great deal about Hugh Fuller over the years and believe his voice is sorely needed in a town facing extraordinary challenges in the next several months.

His commitment to the town is indisputable and his willingness to solicit input from, listen to and really hear different perspectives and people from both the residential, business and tourist communities is refreshing.

Recently I reached out to consult with him directly on his hopes, dreams and visions for the town, and what he expects to accomplish and bring to the table as a commissioner. He welcomed my questions and gave me his time knowing full well that I could not cast a vote in this election. He has offered and done the same for those who will cast ballots in Rehoboth in August. Reach out. Get to know him. Vote for him. He’s a good man.

Thoroughbreds are known for not only their agility and speed, but their spirit. Kuhns and Fuller possess the spirit other candidates do not.

They will get the job done, and in an inclusive and thoughtful manner. Please vote for them and make them your “horses in the race,” too.

Many who cannot vote will thank you.

Barbara Brewer
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