Kuhns, Fuller, Macha best choices to lead Rehoboth

July 24, 2020

I listened very carefully to the candidates’ statements and responses to questions during the RBHA/CAMP Rehoboth Candidates Forum this past Saturday.  Unlike the Cape Gazette, I waited until I had the opportunity to hear from all of the candidates before deciding. 

The Cape Gazette did not even talk with all the candidates before making its endorsements.  The Cape Gazette should rethink its endorsements.

A mayoral candidate and two candidates for commissioner stood out to me.  Paul Kuhns, Hugh Fuller and Rachel Macha are my clear choices in the election Aug. 8.  Each provided sincere and thoughtful opening and closing statements.  They responded to questions spontaneously and without reading prepared responses to the questions.  Paul, Rachel and Hugh demonstrated that they can think on their feet, understand that they need to investigate and consider the issues before forming an opinion, and understand the challenges we are facing.  The three other former commissioners who are seeking to regain seats on the board of commissioners have not demonstrated that they deserve to be elected for another term. They created a lot of problems we now face - they were not able to solve them before - so why are they qualified to solve them now?

We need the continued leadership from Paul Kuhns and fresh perspectives that Rachel Macha and Hugh Fuller bring to the table.  Paul inherited some significant problems and has ‘leaned in’ to COVID-19, an unprecedented situation, and worked through some difficult decisions since taking office three years ago.  Rachel is an accomplished businesswoman, a civic leader, and certainly a success at being a mother to a set of triplets and a set of twins all at the same time.  She is articulate and will Ask. Listen. Act. on facts after thoughtful consideration.  Hugh has been a successful businessperson and property owner in this city for the last 30 years with an eye on what happens in this city every single day.  He sees it all from the vantage point of the Purple Parrot and the Iguana Grill - two well established restaurants that attract both locals and visitors.  Over 30 years, he has weathered storms, a Great Recession, and now the COVID-19 pandemic.  That takes courage, guts and business acumen.  He has demonstrated that he is not just out for himself; he has helped many other small businesses in our community in their struggles to survive during the current pandemic.  Paul, Rachel and Hugh have demonstrated their commitment to our community.  More importantly, they have demonstrated that they have real integrity.  Our city inherited a lot of problems from the prior administration.  More than ever, we need a mayor and commissioners who were not part of those problems - leaders who can objectively deal with fixing those problems - having had no part in creating them.  Paul, Rachel and Hugh will offer their independent ideas, be thorough and thoughtful, and apply common sense and financially sound solutions to those problems and others that protect Rehoboth Beach residents and property owners first.

I ask you to re-elect Paul Kuhns and vote for fresh, new and talented candidates who are sincere and care about you more than their own egos.  Please vote Aug. 8 or by absentee ballot for Paul Kuhns, Rachel Macha and Hugh Fuller.  And if you already voted and want to change your vote, you can email or call Donna Moore or Jean Lee at 302-227-6181, Ext. 159 to request a new absentee ballot and submit it before the polls close at 6 p.m. Aug. 8 or tell the city you want to vote in person.

Bill Zimmer
Rehoboth Beach
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