Kuhns thinks he offers effective leadership

July 23, 2020

A crucial function of leadership is the ability to delegate responsibilities and motivate qualified individuals to work together, achieve desired goals, and focus on tasks at hand.  A leader must be able to accept responsibility, provide direction and make difficult decisions in a timely fashion.  Some examples:

City Services:  Immediately upon my election as the mayor of the City of Rehoboth Beach, I met with our extremely competent City Manager Sharon Lynn, and noted that, unlike my predecessor, I did not believe being mayor entitled me to “manage” the city staff and day-to-day operations.  That was her position and I was available to support her.  I believe my support for her capabilities has enhanced city operations, and enabled her to further professionalize city staff and services they provide. 

Planning for the future:  I came into office determined to focus on the future of our city and how the community eyes opportunities.  I felt that the planning commission needed fresh perspective, with individuals sharing a vision for the prosperous future rather than continued focus on the past - one written in old versions of the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan.  I chose to replace many on the commission with independent, forward-thinkers willing to consider new ideas.  I believe it’s been to our great advantage.

Difficult decisions: Recently, the city, like the rest of the world, has faced a difficult time with the public health and economic tragedies of the pandemic.  Recovery has a long way to go, and it will take many difficult decisions.

Once the governor declared his state of emergency, the city had to consider its own specific path forward.  I wrestled with and ultimately made the very painful decision to declare a state of emergency  here in our city.  Although I had the governor’s blessing to act locally, I also made the very difficult additional decision to close the beach and the Boardwalk. This was a more substantial restriction than passed by the governor, but I believed it was both unique to us and necessary for our hometown.

The beach and the Boardwalk are the main reason people visit Rehoboth. However, public safety and the health of our community were at stake and had to come first over a substantial amount of complaints.  In the end, I accept full responsibility for my decision, and I believe it was best for all concerned. 

I believe I have provided effective leadership for our hometown over the past three years.  There is still much to do. With your support Aug. 8 I hope to continue to serve.  Let’s stay the course and continue the progress.

Mayor Paul Kuhns
candidate for re-election
City of Rehoboth Beach
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