Letter: Briggs King not representing homeowners

March 12, 2019

There is a bill in the House that will greatly benefit homeowners on leased land. It has to do with the $.50, yes, 50 cents, that they pay into dues that are paid to DMHOA on a yearly basis. It is collected from every homeowner in the state of Delaware. I pay mine when I pay my dues at Mariner’s Cove. 

The bill itself has to do with setting up a legal fund for the homeowners, should they have a dispute with an owner of the land they rent. And it was set to be voted sometime this week with high hopes of passing and becoming a law.

That is, until Ruth Briggs King added an amendment saying it could not be used by the homeowner for that purpose, defeating the projected positive outcome.

My question is “why” would she not support her constituents and instead support the landowners? The landowners pay lawyers on a contingency basis. The homeowners are mostly retirees with limited income, veterans or those who rely on affordable housing. In other words, she has sided with the owners that own the land for which we pay rent, instead of supporting the folks who voted her into office, thinking and feeling like she was there for their interests.

I am saddened by this turn of events as i know for a fact the many hours our HOA representatives work in the interest of the 180,000 mobile/trailer park residents who live in this area. Ruth Briggs King may not represent all of us, but she is my rep and was voted on to support my interests. I was counting on her to be there for us. Sad she is showing who she represents by submitting this amendment. It should be removed before the House votes.

Linda M. Spicer

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