Letter: Delaware seniors may be eligible for assistance

February 11, 2019

I write this letter to inform Delaware seniors and their loved ones about two important programs. First, through the Delaware Prescription Assistance Program, members receive up to a $3,000 annual benefit. DPAP pays monthly Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program premiums; covers 75 percent of drug costs for members in their PDP “donut hole” when they have no coverage; and pays for some drugs not covered by PDPs.

To qualify, seniors must: be a Delaware resident; be at least 65 or receiving Social Security disability benefits; have Medicare and be enrolled in a PDP; have no prescription coverage other than a PDP; not receive Medicaid; and have income less than $2,010 monthly or $24,120 annually. 

Here are two important notes regarding income limits. First, only earnings like Social Security, pensions and work income count toward the limits - not physical assets, bank accounts or retirement accounts. Second, individuals with out-of-pocket prescription costs exceeding 40 percent of their income are exempt from the income limits. To apply for DPAP, individuals can visit or call 1-800-996-9969. 

Also, homeowners 65 or older may apply for the Senior School Property Tax Credit, a credit of up to $400 against regular school property taxes. Seniors apply once for the credit and then receive it annually for life. Individuals may download an application at:

Finally, individuals can request a helpful and comprehensive Guide to Services for Older Delawareans and Persons with Disabilities, in English or Spanish, via telephone at 1-800-223-9074; via email at; or via download at:    

Eric Morris



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