Lewes artist Steve Rogers sketches characters for Lewes library

Cathy and Dewey raise awareness of library’s endowment needs
February 15, 2020

Two friendly new characters are on the scene at the Lewes Public Library.

Their debut is happening through a series of bookmarks to be released over the next several months. These free bookmarks are given to patrons as they pick up their library loans.

Cathy Catalog, a feline librarian, is named for the Delaware Library Catalog. Dewey Decimal is a fun-loving dog, anxious to please and learn. He is named after the Dewey Decimal system for organizing library books.

The library’s endowment committee commissioned Lewes artist Steve Rogers to create original sketches of Cathy and Dewey to raise awareness of the operation’s endowment needs.

“This commission was something out of my normal line of work,” said Rogers. “It was a fun challenge for a very worthwhile cause.”

Lewes Public Library Board President Hugh Leahy said, “An endowment is particularly important for the library, as it is chartered as an independent library in the Delaware system. In our case, we receive only 50 percent of our funding from tax monies. The balance of Lewes Public Library’s operating expenses and funds to care for our building must be raised locally each and every year. This causes our endowment to be critically important – to generate a secure bedrock of local funding.”

To find out more about Lewes Public Library’s endowment, go to the Support Us page at

Anyone looking to build a collection of Steve Rogers’ work can visit the library, check out all the offerings and collect a free bookmark. Every month, a new Cathy and Dewey bookmark will debut.