Lewes author offers insider's view of electric service in America

Sheds light on changes in an industry
August 23, 2017

Lewes resident David Rosenstein has written a book that tells the story of how electric service has evolved over the 135 years since Thomas Edison illuminated a building for the first time.

Each challenge has caused the industry to change, prompting new regulations or legislation aimed at providing continuous and dependable delivery of electricity to consumers, Rosenstein said.

His book, “Electrifying America,” offers an insider's view of electric service in America. “Electricity is something people rely on every day,” Rosenstein said, “yet they don't know what happens behind the scenes. They flip a switch and expect electricity to be reliable and reasonably affordable.”

He recently retired after 40 years of practicing law in the electric industry. During the first 20 years, Rosenstein represented electric consumers, but when the industry was deregulated, he began to work for independent power production companies. He was vice president-general counsel at Conectiv Energy LLC in Wilmington and ended his career in the same position at Essential Power LLC in Princeton, N.J.

Rosenstein saw the industry evolve. “I wanted to educate people about how decisions are made by the industry and policy makers. People need to understand the implications events have on the industry,” Rosenstein said. “In addition, they need to understand this industry has always found a way to respond to change.”

“Writing was an enjoyable experience and drew together many thoughts I had throughout my career,” said Rosenstein, who worked on the book in the study rooms at the Lewes Public Library. “I'm very thankful to have a place which served as an office away from my home,” said Rosenstein.

“The book is a historical perspective of the industry, and I made it engaging by telling the stories of people involved with notable events,” said Rosenstein. “I feel it is the type of book which makes readers want to turn the page to see what happens next.”

Rosentstein also has a website with more than 200 links. The website is

“Electrifying America” is available through Amazon in print or digital format.