Lewes library should take their toys and go home

July 11, 2019

I have been following the Lewes library fiasco for weeks now.  What I fail to understand is how a group of library decision-makers could in good conscience allow this ruse of a land grab to continue. 

This is as if I could declare my home a post office because I had a mailbox on it.  If it were me, I could not allow such an obvious theft of property to occur under my signature.

I would be ashamed to be associated with these dealings. Have they no shame?  Have they no morals in their dealings?  Can they hold their heads up and declare to their friends and family that they are operating in good faith? 

Do they go home and tell their kids what an honorable thing they did, and that they should be so proud of them? It seems like they are satisfied to be considered by the local people to be unethical. Shame on them all!  They should have said to the Villages that they appreciated their very generous offer, but that they had decided to go in a different direction, and that their land is no longer needed. 

Jeff Smith
Rehoboth Beach

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