Lewes must continue to make decisions for all

June 11, 2021

In a recent letter to the editor, Nick Carter wrote “there are 659 properties on Lewes beach and only 91 permanent residents which means that only 13.8 percent of the Lewes Beach property owners have a say in who makes decisions in Lewes.“

He also stated that there are a total of 3,313 properties in Lewes, of which only 1,024 are permanent residents. Not sure whether he means that number represents total voters or if it represents total properties.

Regardless - if 91 permanent residents in Lewes have 50 percent of Lewes City Council representing their interests - that’s not a bad ratio. I believe City Councilman Saliba lives on Lewes Beach and City Councilman Williams’ family has a property on the beach.

In the same letter Mr. Carter writes that he wants the new council members to “make tough decisions for the majority.”

So I’m not sure whether Mr. Carter wants the council to make tough decisions for the Lewes Beach property owners or to make the tough decisions for the majority of Lewes citizens.

I think and hope that Lewes City Council will continue, as they always have, to make tough decisions for everybody in Lewes, no matter where they own property.

Jim Berrigan
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