Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary donates medical equipment in India

March 6, 2018

The Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary Club participated in purchasing blood bank equipment for a nonprofit medical institute in India with a District Grant from District 7630. Through the efforts of local Rotarian Dr. Ram Hosmane and Rotarian Dr. Mahesh Hegde of the Sirsi India Rotary Club, the project came to fruition.

For eight years, the TSS Shripad Hegde Institute of Medical Services in Sirsi, Uttara Kannada in Karnataka State, India, has run its in-house blood bank. The blood bank is responsible for providing blood and blood products to the patients in and around 4 to 5 talukas, or counties, of United Kannada and surrounding counties. Approximately 200 units of blood per month are required. The blood units that are collected have to be stored in a specialized refrigerator.

The institute is a charitable trust NGO which cares for more than 1 million patients every year. The blood bank administers the units free of charge to the patients.