Limited-edition Lewes Santa arrives at Brush Factory

October 11, 2020

This year’s Lewes Santa is now available at Antiques & Accessories LLC, a vendor at the Brush Factory on Kings. 

Dressed for winter fishing, he reflects the town’s nautical heritage as he carries the Lewes flag. It is the third in a limited-edition series and available only at the Brush Factory at 830 Kings Highway. 

D. Lynette Palen, designer, said she is delighted with the response. She said Santa collectors are excited to find a Lewes Santa; many people are buying multiples, even some who are from out of town.

“My favorite customer? Santa himself! He has all three," Palen said. John Welsh is the local who has played Santa for many years.

The cost is $99.99. Each figurine is made individually in cast marble resin and painted by hand. 


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