Local Ladies of Long Neck gather at new bistro in Millsboro

July 19, 2021

The Local Ladies of Long Neck took their first trip to Taste of the South Bistro in Millsboro, where they enjoyed excellent food and friendly service.

Members in attendance were Mernie Kathy Braden Bone, Thelma Dickerson, Margie Trunzo, Denise Ganley, Rosemarie Laird, Brenda Kliegman, Brenda Galate, Ellen Marie Bevilacqua-White, Patsy Hines, Kathy Bevilacqua-Dean, Nancy Fiel, Diane Cohen, Linda Heil, Mary Jane Rohlfing, Junell Latham, Jeanne  Hart Schatzman, Ellen Jane Weaver, Mary Gandy, Margaret Abellum, Linda McGinty and Patricia Redemann.

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