Majority of Americans not bigots, racists

December 19, 2017

I feel I have to respond to a portion of Abe Ream's letter.

Living in the United States for over 60 years and specifically in Sussex County for the last six years, I am well aware of the many yahoos who inhabit this area. I have also learned that hate and bigotry flow many different directions for many different reasons, religion being one of those at the forefront.

I personally lost a half dozen colleagues and associates at the World Trade Center. Ironically, if I did have a bumper sticker that said something to the effect that Mr. Ream saw on that car, it would have a completely different meaning. For me it would mean "I learned the many Muslim friends and colleagues in my circle have shown nothing but true love and compassion. The world is indeed a better place with these folks in it."

The issue I have with Mr. Ream's letter is his assertion that the U.S. is moving backward at an alarming and increasing pace because of incidents like this. I completely disagree with this statement, as far as what I see of the general population I encounter each day. For every one person who has a bumper sticker like that, I believe there are 99 others who would look upon such a sticker and shake their heads. I think that overgeneralizations like this are childish and borderline mean-spirited.

Unfortunately, there are political forces in this country that thrive on casting a wide net of racial and religious malice on a large part of the general population to their benefit. I believe the last failed candidate for president tried to do that. How well did that work out?

In summary, don't be shocked to hear this, but there are bigots and racists living among us. Do the actions of these few malicious souls indicate an alarming and increasing pace of hatred in this country for the rest of us? Baloney.

Brian Gillespie


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