Make voice heard at ballot box: Elect Perry

July 28, 2016

I am writing to support Richard Perry in the upcoming elections being held Aug. 13 for the Board of Commissioners in Rehoboth Beach. It is important to bring new blood onto the commission if Rehoboth is to continue to prosper as the incredible vacation resort for those who only come in the summer and for those year-round homeowners who today and in the future will call Rehoboth Beach home.

Richard Perry is a homeowner and a full-time resident of Rehoboth Beach and cares deeply about the city. I have known Richard for a number of years, and see him as someone who can work with all the people, many with differing ideas of how the city should be managed, who care about Rehoboth Beach.

I have a home in Sussex County for nearly 20 years just outside the borders of the City of Rehoboth. Like many who live here, the values of our homes and the life we have here is very tied to what happens within the City of Rehoboth Beach. It is in our interest to see the city thrive, and I have for years been active in the civic life of this beach town I love.

It is important the Rehoboth Beach Commission be populated by individuals who bring thoughtful, common-sense, logical approaches to governing the city. I believe Richard Perry is someone who will do that.

Recently, more and more people appear to want to get involved in the governance of the city, and that is a positive thing. For too many years it seemed the government of the city and the policies developed were left to a few individuals who were often not open to new ideas. They thought they could govern with policies based on the Anthony Newly song, "Stop the World." Unfortunately, progress doesn't stop because you want it to; rather you need to manage change to make sure it is directed in a way that benefits all people. That includes not only the people who have lived in Rehoboth for generations but those who are moving there now and will in the future.

Richard Perry bought his home and moved to Rehoboth because he fell in love with the city. But he understands things always change. Sussex County has changed dramatically since I first started coming to Rehoboth over 35 years ago, and those changes clearly impact the City of Rehoboth. New stores, increasing traffic, new medical facilities, more and more retirees making the county their home. Prices of properties have gone up dramatically, and today it is hard to find a small condo to purchase in the City of Rehoboth for less than half a million dollars.

We know people who can afford those prices expect certain things from the places they live, and those expectations have to be managed. As we can see from the constant fights the commission is having with the community, not all its members are able to do that.

Richard Perry understands how important citizen involvement is. That it is critical to accomplishing any objectives the commission wants to accomplish. That is why he continues to encourage the citizens of Rehoboth Beach to become involved in their government and to make their voices heard.

One way to make your voice heard is at the ballot box. I urge Rehoboth Beach voters to do just that and cast a vote for Richard Perry for commissioner. Richard has a background as a banking, corporate and securities lawyer; business owner and manager. This set of experiences has prepared him to work on the issues of the city in a business-like manner. He has the financial knowledge needed to manage and balance the city's budget. He will make a real contribution to the commission, and will help formulate and draft laws and policies that will make Rehoboth Beach an even better place to own a business, work, live, vacation and retire. He understands how to make the process easier and more efficient than it is today and in doing so manage the changes that have come and will come to the city.

Polls will be open Saturday, Aug. 13, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Rehoboth Beach Fire Department, 219 Rehoboth Ave. (Voting is not being held in the Convention Center this year due to the construction of the new City Hall). It is important that each eligible voter take the time to make your voice heard.

Peter D. Rosenstein
Rehoboth Beach

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