Meeting a slap in the face for Rehoboth

September 21, 2017

Just when you thought some good may have come from the recent election (it was so lopsided that one had to think the city government would move forward united), the old divisive attitude reared its ugly head again.

The election results clearly showed the voters of the city were more than ready for a new approach. The turnout was significantly higher that the past and the results were not close. The mayor-elect publicly called for an end to the bickering and meanspiritedness, and called on the citizens and his fellow commissioners to work together for the good of the city. His willingness to appoint Susan Gay to the planning commission showed his good faith.

Since his election to mayor left a commissioner's seat open, Mayor Kuhns conferred with the other commissioners and, with their acknowledged support, nominated former Commissioner Pat Coluzzi to fill the vacancy. To make the charade complete, prior to the swearing in on Friday, the commissioners (and Ms. Colluzzi) gathered for photos that would be used in the future by the city. No mention was made of what was to occur.

When the time came for the vote on filling the empty seat, Commissioners Gossett, Sharp and Mills voted against Ms. Colluzzi and offered the name of Susan Gay instead. Both votes failed. This turn of events was a major embarrassment to the city and a slap in the face to Mayor Kuhns and Pat Coluzzi. More importantly, it showed disrespect to the voters and blatant disregard for the city.

During the commissioners' meeting, each of the commissioners went to great lengths to explain how they support the voters and want only what is best for Rehoboth. I believe the voters spoke clearly and loudly at the last election and these commissioners are showing they do not care. The only appropriate action for these three is for each to resign as soon as possible.

The people have spoken, now listen.

Eugene M. Lawson Jr.
Rehoboth Beach


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