Mills is solid, grounded leader Rehoboth needs

July 30, 2020

I had a good laugh at Paul Kuhns’ letter (July 10 ) attacking Stan Mills for the slogan “Experience Matters.” Kuhns cannot dispute that Mills has the most experience in Rehoboth Beach government. But Kuhns retorts that it “only matters when that experience translates to progress.” He needs to take a look in the mirror, because his three years will only be remembered for the lack of any significant accomplishments for Rehoboth Beach.

Kuhns has blundered from one bad idea to the next: first trying to amend the city charter to give voting rights to LLCs, then trying to give away the city’s wastewater plant and put the county in control of our ocean outfall, then holding secret water rate meetings in violation of state law, then drastically changing the parking rules multiple times so that nobody can keep up with the latest rules, then wanting to build a wall down the middle of the Boardwalk to enforce the beach closure this spring.

He claims credit for the capital improvement plan, but the CIP was drafted in the summer of 2017 under the prior administration and was nearly completed when Kuhns took office. And instead of following the approved plan, Kuhns has been diverting money from the city’s rainy-day fund for pet projects that were never in the CIP.

And let’s not forget the huge increase in our property taxes plus our water and sewer fees, or the $280,000 of city funds pledged to the canal boat dock, or secret meetings about Clear Space Theatre.

Stan Mills is the solid, grounded leader with the experience that Rehoboth Beach needs going into the future.

Doug Popham
Rehoboth Beach
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