Monigle must quit stonewalling on Beach Walk

January 13, 2017

It is not surprising to us that Keith Monigle wants to waste our time and money by not complying with the Rehoboth Planning Commission's unanimous vote that Beach Walk, as his original plans showed, is a subdivision and not a condominium. Why is he insisting on trying to prove otherwise instead of showing the planning commission a new site plan that conforms to subdivision guidelines? He is trying to bully the planning commission into changing its vote.

We cannot let this happen. This will set a precedent for future developments in Rehoboth Beach, especially when the Walls Apartments is sold in the future (the next largest parcel of land in Rehoboth).

As shown by Mr. Monigle's conduct at previous meetings, he is only thinking of himself, not the residents of Rehoboth Beach. His goal is to make money without concern for the neighborhood and safety of the residents and/or potential homeowners. This is even more evident if you look at the way his property (Rehoboth Beach Plaza) is maintained now (the future Beach Walk location).

It also surprises us that the meeting times keep changing, making it more difficult for many residents to attend. Some of us would love to attend the meetings, but still work and/or live out of town. Is this being done intentionally to discourage residents from attending?

We thank the planning commission for doing the right thing and following the law, not giving in to Mr. Monigle and his bullying tactics. We just wish Mr. Monigle would follow the law or sell his property to someone who will.

Gail and Barry Furman
Rehoboth Beach

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